Why Serta Perfect Sleeper is the Mattress for You.

The Serta perfect sleeper mattress is one of the many product brands produced by the Serta mattress company based in the U.S. The perfect sleeper was given a name that befits it because It really makes your night perfect. You wake up rejuvenated and ready for the day because you get a good night’s rest when you have the Serta perfect sleeper mattress. The mattress is a one of its kind product that was produced with help from the National Sleep Foundation. As indicated in the Serta’s website the mattress helps to alleviated five common sleep problems. Here are the problems the mattress was made to solve so your night can be perfect.

It encourages proper back support and alignment – lack of a supportive mattress is one of the major causes of back and lumbar pains. Also a mattress should be able to align the body so that it is in its natural pose which does not cause strain on the body when sleeping on the back or the side. The mattress is able to conform to the shape of the body to ensure that you ‘fit’ into the bed properly. The bed is also firm enough to be able to carry your weight regardless of how heavy you are there is a product for you.

Helps reduce tossing and turning – tossing and turning at night is one sign of an uncomfortable mattress. With the Serta Perfect Sleeper you do not toss and turn at night because it is made of Gel foam which is really comfortable.

Minimizes movement from partner’s movement – the Serta perfect sleeper has what is known as the motion separation in both the foam and in spring varieties. This ensures that you sleep is not disturbed even when you partner has to wake up before you or to move from the bed at night. This in the coil spring variety Is achieved by having the pocket coils.

It resists sagging and edge roll off – this is another good quality of the Serta perfect sleeper. The mattress does not easily sag at the edges and therefore you cannot easily roll off the edge and fall. This makes the best mattress topper protect your body and also ensure that it is durable because it won’t sag easily. A sagging mattress also causes back pain.

Promotes a balanced sleep temperature – the perfect sleeper ensures that you sleep at the right temperature. It regulates the temperature so that it is just right for you to sleep in, not too hot or cold. Choose the Best Beds : For Your Sleep Habits

Well with all these problems solved for us I bet your night will be better. The only thing you need is to just get sleepy and you will definitely enjoy a perfect night with the best mattress brand Serta Perfect Sleeper. The perfect sleeper is also available with a 10 year guarantee.