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Digital marketing services is basically a term that is used for the marketing of products or the services through the use of digital technologies. It is mainly done on internet but mobile phones and display advertisements are also the source for the digital marketing services.

Here is a guide by Rob Eleveld at Marketing Profs about how you can determine your hourly rate for digital marketing services:

How to Create Your Hourly Rate for Digital Marketing Services

by Rob Eleveld | August 14, 2013

In this article you will learn six steps for creating your blended hourly rate, including…

How to competitively price your services based on market conditions
How to determine employee bill rates
How to determine the partners’ bill-out rates

The good news is that you don’t need an MBA and you needn’t have taken an accounting class to get the basics of your cost structure and an associated billable rate.
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Advantages of digital marketing services:

There are many advantages of using digital marketing services. The significant benefits include
• Ease of access (it means that through digital marketing services customers are allowed to interact with their favorite brand through servicing).
• Through the use of digital marketing it also provides a Multi communication channel. In this channel all the required information is transferred all around the world.
• Many companies use digital services such as social media so that they can reach the maximum potential and also to gain important information.

Following is a guide by Biz Buzz at TG Daily about digital marketing service providers and what they do:

What You Should Expect from Your Digital Marketing Service Provider

Biz Buzz, 11th August 2016

Anyone who runs an online business knows how complicated the process can be. Anytime you are outsourcing marketing and web development services, it’s vital to ensure that you are dealing with a company that understands your needs as a small business. Many companies choose to deal with an all-inclusive provider. By building a relationship with a company that can handle every aspect of your digital marketing, you’ll be able to take advantage of cohesive services that are tailored to the needs of your specific business. Before you sign a contract, make sure that your service provider can supply you with all of the following services.

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Reasons of digital strategy:

One has to adopt the digital strategy in order to gain extra ordinary results. Firstly if you do not implement the digital strategy then you are directionless. Many companies, who are not using the digital market services, have no specific goals. Moreover, you are disintegrated.

This video by The Diggmeister should help you understand more:

Every single person knows that digital marketing services work best when integrated. The third and the most important point is that you are wasting money in duplication as the companies afterwards prefer purchasing different tools for performing similar kind of tasks.