Coping with Shoulder Arthritis

Our shoulders are among the main motor parts of the body. Any cause to the joints of our shoulders may result in instability of their functioning. Shoulder Arthritis is one of the painful conditions that affect these joints.

What are the types of Shoulder Arthritis? The following post by Robin Madell and Valencia Higuera with is about that.

The Basics

Arthritis doesn’t only damage your muscles and tendons but also your joints and ligaments. Shoulder arthritis generally causes symptoms such as joint pain and limited range of motion. But there’s more than one kind of arthritis of the shoulders. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) has identified five distinct forms of shoulder arthritis. Read more here…

Generally it is commonly found in individuals above 40 but can also occur among youth, specifically sports persons who oftenly use their shoulder for heavy lifting and other heavy physical activities. The next article at is about the causes and treatment options available for Shoulder Arthritis.


The most common complaint of someone with shoulder arthritis is pain. The pain worsens with activities- especially with any activities that require the arms to reach over the head- and decreases with rest. Arthritis of the G-H joint usually hurts mostly in the back of the shoulder while A-C arthritis hurts mostly in the front of the shoulder at the end of the collar bone. Read the complete article here…

Did you know that there are non surgical methods to get rid of Shoulder Arthritis?

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Hope this post gave you all the information about Shoulder Arthritis and ways to cope with it easily.