How to Apply and Claim Your Pensions through the DWP

The Department of work and pensions is the one mandated to take care of the pensions of the population of the UK. It helps people who are not financially stable and the disabled to attain financial stability and enjoy their futures.

Eligibility for state Pension

Age – a man should have been born on or after 6th April 1951 while a woman should have been born on or after 6th April 1953.

National insurance record – your National Insurance Record should have at least 10 qualifying years. Qualifying years are considered to be the years when; you held a job and paid for the insurance, the years when you were getting National insurance credits because you were not able to work or were receiving some benefits and the years when you were paying voluntary national insurance contributions.

How to claim for state pension

The pension is only received after claiming not automatically. You are sent a letter telling you what to do to claim you pension.  If the letter has not come three months before you reach the pension age you can contact the DWP helpline info and they will tell

you what to do. Then you can place your claim either online, through the phone or by downloading the pension form, duly filling it and sending it back to the pension claim offices.

How your pension is calculated

What you receive is based on your national insurance records but the basic is £155.65 every week. The factor that can lead to increase in your pension in the calculations used is the number of qualifying years on your national insurance records. Each qualifying year amounts to £4.45. This helps in calculating the amount that you are started off with. To get the complete package you are required to have 35 qualifying years on your record but if you have more than ten years you get a portion of the state pension. The pension is then increased every year depending on the earnings, prices or by 2.5%. To get more information about the state pension you can get then contact the pension office and you will be given a pension statement which can help you understand the calculations.

Can you continue to work?

Yes, you may continue to work even after you reach the state pension age. The state pension age is the earliest age at which you can receive your pension.

Can you inherit pension

You can be able to get more pensions by inheriting from a spouse or civil servant who has named you as their next of kin. The pension cannot be inherited if you remarry before you are of state pension age, in the case where you are inheriting from a spouse.


The Department work pension is capable of helping you through this process without a glitch so you can enjoy retirement.